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Hmm... maybe introductions are in order.  

You can see my name over yonder.  By day, I teach art to high schoolers.  By night, I create and publish comics with my friends in Three Trees Studios.  You can find info about our various books here .  I'll tell you more about those books soon...

You may be interested to know that many of the pieces in my gallery have been collected in book form… .  I also have several available as prints here, including the tiger pictures that several of you seemed to enjoy.

Well, anyway, I have a big backlog of art that I've been posting on our site over the last few years.  I'll be uploading it all slowly but surely over the next week or so.

It is awesome to be added to the ranks of the deviants, many of whom are vastly more talented than me!  I have to thank my good friend, Dusty (NoodlePhish), for kicking my butt and making me finally sign up.  I'm looking forward to discovering more and more amazing work and maybe getting a little feedback about my own.

Thanks for the temporary use of your eyeballs.
  • Reading: Three Shadows by Cyril Pedrosa
  • Drinking: Coffee
Zero-Optix Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2008  Professional General Artist
Hello Seth,
I met you at free comic book day with Randy and Amber...I am glad you made it to DA! Im going to check out your gallery! see ya around. :)
sayuki-dawn Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008
You're a teacher? Huh. Never would have guessed.
Have a nice day, sir. : D
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Submitted on
June 6, 2008