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Well, it's been a long time coming, but we've finally overhauled our entire website .  I think you'll find everything a bit easier to get to now.  This site is now the main hub for all of our comics, which will all soon be regularly updated webcomics.  Rook City already has its own site , but sites are also on the way for Random Ink, Duel, and Decaying Death. Eventually you'll be able to read all of our books online for free!

We've also added lots of other content to this site.  On the About page, you'll find out some info on us and our studio.  (Probably more than you need to know.)   You can also purchase our print comics and other stuff in the Store. There is lots of behind-the-scenes artwork available here, too. On the Extras page, you can check out some downloads (wallpapers, bookmarks, etc.) and other good stuff. This main page will keep you updated on all of our books and happenings.  If you click on one of the subscribe options there on the left, you'll be notified whenever there's a new update.

Anyway, we're excited about the new changes, and we hope you like them.  Poke around the site a bit… you might find a hidden thing or two.  And be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!
  • Listening to: "Go Go Ninja Dinosaur" by Four Tet
  • Reading: The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper (again)
  • Watching: The Penguins of Madagascar
  • Eating: Quite.
  • Drinking: Coffee, blessed coffee.
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AmberStoneArt Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2009
I visited the site. Looks cool. :D I also enjoyed looking at the pictures and I noticed the Garfield without Garfield on the sidebar and just had to know... O_O; My God... It's awesome. o_O; :D
I also wanted to let you know that I read Courtney Crumrin last night after I go home... (I was supposed to go to bed, mind...)It's still so darn good.
SethWolfshorndl Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2009
Ha, it's hard to resist Mr. Naifeh's art, huh?

Thanks for the feedback!

Garfield Minus Garfield is so weirdly awesome.
AmberStoneArt Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2009
I just read Polly and the Pirates and I think I like it more than Courtney Crumrin! XD It was so much fun! ^_^ Not dark and gloomy at all.
SethWolfshorndl Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2009
Yes, it is awesome.
AmberStoneArt Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2009
I want to read more of them. I'll bring Gloom Cookie to the next meeting and you can borrow it, if you want.
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Submitted on
April 19, 2009