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I'm excited to announce that our new collection of sketches, Sketchings #3, is now available! While the first two issues each focused on a single artist's work, what's great about this issue is that the emphasis is on collaborations between Matt Meyers, Dusty Roberts :iconnoodlephish:, and I.  There are several "creature jams" (including the cover) where different artists took turns drawing different parts of one character and then one artist inked the whole thing.  There are three jam comics (improvisational stories), including "Goblins Hate Fairies" and "Sushi Bar" which you might have already seen on the Random Ink site.  And there are many pieces that feature one artist inking the work of another.  In addition, we threw some other fun stuff in there, like the time we drew each other as zombies.

You can preview and order a copy right now… at our IndyPlanet store or pick one up from us at HurleyCon (in Joplin March 6) or Planet Comicon… (in Kansas City March 27 & 28)!

More big stuff coming soon!
  • Listening to: Hodgman's "Today in the Past" podcast
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  • Playing: Mario Paint with my daughter
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Submitted on
February 28, 2010